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Ministers of Communion

Marisa Bartlett

Bishops, priests and deacons are the ordinary ministers of Communion. Sometimes, if a large number are to receive Communion, the ordinary ministers will frequently need assistance in distributing Communion, so that the Communion rite is not unduly long. They also serve the unity of the worshipping community by taking Communion to those members who are prevented by sickness, old age, or other cause from taking part in the gathering for Mass


There are a number of Ministers of Communion within our parish: some only wish to distribute Communion during mass, others are able to bring Communion to our sick and housebound parishioners. This is a role that most of us thought we'd like to take on (rather than waiting to be asked) and so approached the parish priest at that time for guidance on the ministry. When we were ready, we were commissioned during a mass and sent forth!


If you are interested in becoming a Minister, contact Fr Darline, who will help you make this decision and guide you in this ministry. You will never be alone in this role as you will have the support of the parish priest, all the other Ministers as well as all of our parishioners, whom you will serve. 


If you are able and willing to bring Communion to the community, you will need a DBS check - that is the only legal requirement. You will then join the other Ministers on a rota, but you can make that decision in your own time. 


If you would like any more information about visiting our community, or are already a Minister thinking about joining us,  please contact me

Marisa Bartlett
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