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The Holy Rosary Group

Maria Long

Universally recognised, many Christians have a set of rosary beads. For many people in the world, it forms a lifeline in prayer outside the Mass. At St. Catherine’s church, a small group of parishioners and occasional visitors continue to say the Holy Rosary each Sunday at 6.00pm, since it was re-formed in the early 1990s.

In this quiet, holy setting we cherish half an hour together in prayer, where we offer our own intentions, those of the parish and other communities around the world. One of the five mysteries is said each week, through which we share in key life moments of Jesus and his mother Mary. In this way love enters our own life through the glorious, joyful, sorrowful and luminous events.

This simple, repetitive prayer allows the Holy Spirit to work in us, refreshing our spirit and strengthening our faith. Whether you join us on one occasion, or more often, you will receive a warm welcome as if Elizabeth was receiving Mary once again to share the joy of communion with Jesus.

Should you wish to talk to a member of the group, please contact the parish office in the first instance and one of us will return your call.

Book of Intentions – before Our Lady’s Altar is where children, teenagers and adults can write to ask us to pray for your intentions each Sunday.

01202 883312

Maria Long
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