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Hall Booking and Health & Safety

Kevan Randall

Our Hall is an asset to both the Parish and the Local community, and as such it is in frequent use. Should you wish to use the Hall at any time, please contact me to book it, but please don’t assume that it will be available. Our present policy is that the weekend use of the Hall is restricted to Parish events.

As our Church and Hall are Public Places, we are required to ensure that they are safe places, and that we have done all we can to eliminate the risk of accidents and injury to all who enter them. I do appreciate that at times it could seem that we are being very pedantic, but if we are not able to prove our due diligence, should an accident happen, then we are at risk of prosecution and being fined.

Whilst we have overall responsibility, everyone also has a part to play, that by their actions (or those of their young children, if applicable) they do not put others at risk. Should you notice or feel that there is a risk, please do let us know. There is a “communication book” in the holder on the wall in the Hall Kitchen, or use my contact details, which are also in the Newsletter. We can then investigate and take any action that may be required.

To ensure the safety of all, please do follow any instruction or guidance signs you may see around the buildings, both inside and out, and please observe speed restriction signs in the car park. Importantly, please ensure you do not block any entrances or exits. Your help and support in keeping St. Catherine’s a safe place for all, will be greatly appreciated.

If you use the Hall, it is important that you tidy behind you and ensure it is left clean and tidy for the next group, as we do not have a caretaker. Use of the kitchen is available, but again please ensure that it is left clean and tidy and report any breakages, should they occur.

Mobile: 07738 824583

Kevan Randall
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