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Heather Stone.

CAFOD is an international development charity that works to alleviate poverty in all parts of the world


In our parish, many of the fundraising activities of the Charity Action Group are performed for CAFOD. There are two main national fundraising events, namely Lent and Harvest Time. Envelopes are made available for parishes to collect money and make donations.

Every year at the Wimborne Folk Festival we run a CAFOD stall mainly featuring children games. It is not a huge fundraiser, but it does help to raise our profile. 


The Deanery meet twice a year to host CAFOD groups from parishes in the Plymouth diocese, to gather together to discuss current campaigns. CAFOD School visitors go into Catholic schools to talk to and teach children about CAFOD, all based on Catholic Social Teaching.


If you want to learn more about CAFOD or if you think you can help in any way, please contact me.

07826 152577

Heather Stone.
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