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The Catenians

Gerard Horsley

The Catenian Association (Catenians) is an organisation of Catholic men who regularly meet socially and help and support each other.  It has a worldwide membership, particularly in Britain, Australia, India and Malta but also in other countries.


It is organised into local groups known as Circles.  The most convenient Circle for Wimborne is Poole and other nearby Circles are Bournemouth and Blandford.  Poole Circle meets monthly on the first Thursday of the month at Hamworthy Sports and Social Club on Magna Road.  There is a short meeting followed by a two-course lunch or dinner.  Meetings are at lunchtime during the winter and evening in the warmer and lighter months. We also organise special Masses at various times and there are also regular social events e.g. pub lunches, games evenings, quizzes etc.


One of the main objectives of the Association is to look after the welfare of members and their families, including widows of deceased members.  Hence, we keep a close eye on any family member who may be unwell and provide support as appropriate.   Should any member or widow fall into financial difficulty, there is a Benevolence Fund which can provide grants or loans on a short or long-term basis.


We take a strong interest in our young people.  This includes support in a variety of ways to our local Catholic Schools and the Catholic Society of Bournemouth University.  There is an annual public speaking competition for older school students on a national basis, and the Poole Circle helps St. Edward's School in preparation for this. 


The Bursary Fund exists to provide financial contributions to young Catholics engaged in projects abroad.  Full details and application procedure can be found at


Further details about Catenians can be found at  or contact me if you are interested in joining.


Nome: 01202 887170

Gerard Horsley
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