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First Holy Communion

Father Darline Joseph

We usually have a catechesis programme each year for children ready to receive their First Holy Communion. Recommended ages are from 7 upwards. The programme usually starts in January (with an introductory meeting for parents/carers in November). First Confession/the Sacrament of Reconciliation is usually around Easter time and then the First Holy Communion Mass in late June or early July.

There are two parts to the programme, the sessions at church and the work you and your child may want to do at home with worksheets we give you. All sessions take place on Sundays approximately every two weeks, some at 3.30pm in the hall with children and parent/families and with children only in mornings starting at 10.00am in the hall.  It is also important to attend the 11.00am Mass with your child after each of the 10.00am sessions.

The above timings are just a template, but can change each year, so to understand the latest schedule please register your interest, get in touch with the parish office or speak to me after Mass.

01202 883312

Father Darline Joseph
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