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Charity Action Group

Caroline Phillips

The Charity Action Group was started in approximately the year 2000, by a group of volunteers in order to raise funds for charities in need, both at home and abroad. Many causes were brought to the group's attention, and it was decided to organise some events in the church hall and in some parishioner's gardens. These events provided entertainment for everyone taking part, as well as making money for the charity.

The events involved quizzes, talks, curry evenings, skittles, strawberry tea in the summer, Christmas Fair, Minster Fair in June, and just recently a Murder Mystery evening written by Anne Harris, which was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

We would like new ideas from members of the parish, especially younger members, and we would love them to join in and take part in these events.

If you are interested in joining the group or simply contributing, please contact Caroline Phillips. People of all ages are always welcome and needed.

07952 541126

Caroline Phillips
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